Math Program Review

Math Program Review Approximately every six years, each academic program area undergoes a thorough review to identify improvements and enhancements.  Math is up next in the revision cycle. The following reports to the Board of Education provide an update on progress.

August 2019

With the first phase of the math program review completed, there are numerous changes in place to improve classroom instruction this year, while a deeper look at instructional materials and practices continues. Read the full report

June 2019

Over 1,200 hours have been invested in the math program review since May 20, with more than 80 staff members contributing to curriculum work, participating in professional learning, or leading professional learning sessions. View enhancements for next year and full report.

May 2019

Math consultant Kristen Clegg is working with teachers to revise pacing calendars and a K-5 homework task force is reviewing policy and practices. Read the full report to the Board of Education

April 2019

The first phase of the improvement process is underway.  The work focuses on revising math curriculum pacing guides, assessments, homework policies, improving parent communication and professional development. Read the report to the Board of Education

March 2019

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Kris Raitzer outlined an action plan to update the district’s math program at the Board of Education meeting March 19.  The plan includes adjustments to current practice this year, changes to enhance learning next year, and a comprehensive update the following year. Read the full story.