Learning First Q and A

Once students receive iPads, will they be able to bring them home?

After researching and talking to a number of local school districts that send devices home with students, we decided only students in grades six through eight will have the opportunity to take home their devices. The take-home option is intended to limit screen time for our youngest students, while affording our junior high students the opportunity to complete homework assignments and work on projects, as needed.

What will the iPads cost families?

No additional fees relating to iPads are added for preK-5 students. Families with students in grades 6-8 will be charged an annual fee of $10 per device for insurance against lost or stolen devices.

In all cases of loss or theft of a device outside of school, the district requires that a police report be filed and copy submitted to the district before a permanent replacement is issued. If a device is lost or stolen more than two times during a student’s enrollment at NBJH, full replacement fees will be charged each subsequent time.

What happens if I accidentally drop or break my iPad?

We are using a tough case that protects the device from most accidental drops. For students in grades 6-8 who will be taking home the devices, a financial responsibility framework has been established:  $50 or the cost of repair, whichever is less for one to three incidents. Any subsequent incidents would be at the expense of the student’s family. 

What do I do if my child’s device is damaged or stolen?

Students should report damaged, lost, or stolen iPads to a teacher, the building tech support specialist (TSS), or school librarian. Accidental damage will be charged $50 or the cost of the repair, whichever is less. Intentional damage may be charged the full cost of the device. Do not attempt to repair a device yourself. This will void the warranty. A stolen device will require parents to file a police report.

How will individual iPads be implemented?

In 2018: grades K, 3, 6 will receive individual iPads.

In 2019: grades K, 3, 6, 8 will receive new individual iPads while grades 1,4 & 7 retain iPads received the previous year.

In 2020: grades K, 3, 6 will receive new individual iPads while grades 1,2,4,5,7 & 8 retain iPads received in previous years.

In 2021: iPad refresh cycle begins.

How is the district paying for this?

The cost of the program is absorbed primarily in the district’s existing device replacement cycle, as MacBook Airs will be phased out as the iPad rollout progresses.

How will students be monitored?

The District-owned iPads will have an internet security filter that operates on the device both in school and outside of school. Students cannot download personal Apps and should not use the device for personal use. In the classroom, teachers have access to an App that allows them to see the screens of all the students' iPads.