Innovation Grows With Technology Initiative

Learning First Update

Classroom Innovation Grows with Technology Program

Learning First, Technology Second is the focus of expanding students’ access to technology and infusing classroom learning with innovation. Judi Epcke, Instructional Technology Coordinator, discussed the first year of the program and what’s ahead for next school year at the July 23 board meeting. 

Students in sixth grade, third grade and kindergarten received personal iPads last school year. Sixth-grade students were allowed to bring the iPads home to complete homework assignments and projects as needed. All kindergarten and third-grade devices remained at school. 

Next year, all junior high students will have iPads as will kindergarten, first-grade, third-grade and fourth-grade students. Existing laptop computers and ipads will be deployed for use to second and fifth grade classrooms.  Student iPads only have a limited number of apps that are uploaded by the district. A comprehensive Internet filtering system is always active on the device, even outside of school. 

Providing students with personal devices is only one small part of the program. Ms. Epcke offered a glimpse into the transformation of classroom instruction through five instructional goals:

1. Increase student opportunities to effectively use digital tools to present evidence of learning;

2. Infuse the district’s curricula with innovative technological practices; 

3. Teach our students to be safe, respectful, and reflective users of technology; 

4. Design professional learning opportunities for staff to learn about innovative instructional practices; 

5. Build parental knowledge through education programs tailored to their needs.

For next year, some additions and modifications will also be implemented based on student and staff feedback, including:

  • “Launching Lessons” have been designed to give students more specific support on how to set up and operate iPads.
  • School websites will contain information such as: apps lists, tips and tutorials, and digital citizenship resources for parents.
  • A digital citizenship curriculum developed with resources from Common Sense Education will be implemented for all grades and include resources for parents.


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