iPad Program Launches for K-3-6

6th grade uses iPads for research and projects in social studies

Learning First, Technology Second is the focus of expanding students’ access to technology and infusing classroom learning with innovation. 

“This is one more step in the process of unlocking the full potential in all children,” Superintendent Larry Hewitt said.

Students in sixth grade are carrying their iPads throughout the school day and may bring home the devices to complete homework assignments and projects as needed. All kindergarten and third-grade classrooms have also received individual iPads for students. The younger grades are leaving the devices at school. 

This is the first year of transitioning to an iPad environment as part of the district’s Learning First initiative. Learning First follows a framework for using technology in the classroom developed by educator Liz Kolb. The framework offers teachers guidance on when and how to best use iPads along with various apps and resources to engage, enhance or extend learning.

The rollout of iPads for each student will take place over three years.  iPads were selected following research of other districts that implemented one-to-one devices as well as our own pilot initiative last year. Student iPads will only have apps that are uploaded by the district. A comprehensive Internet filtering system will always be active on the device, even outside of school. 


Goals of Learning First

1. Increase student opportunities to effectively use digital tools to present evidence of learning;

2. Infuse the district’s curricula with innovative technological practices; 

3. Teach our students to be safe, respectful, and reflective users of technology; 

4. Design professional learning opportunities for staff to learn about innovative instructional practices; 

5. Build parental knowledge through education programs tailored to their needs; 

6. Develop a multi-year plan to fund and sustain the initiative.