Gifted & Talented Frequently Asked Questions

What are gifted and talented services?  

Gifted/talented (G/T) services allow us to meet the specific needs of intellectually gifted and highly academically talented students who require differentiated services beyond those normally provided by the regular school program.  The G/T Coordinator works with teachers and students in all grades and subject areas.

What is the Gifted and Talented “Program”?

District 28 does not have a gifted “program.”  Instead we provide a continuum of flexible services that vary based on students’ needs.  These services range from the G/T Coordinator collaborating with teachers to extend curriculum, to joining classroom instruction and assisting with students, to working one-on-one with a student, and other flexible services to meet student needs.  

Among these services are Advanced Math (4th-5th), accelerated math courses (6th-8th) and Advanced Language Arts (6th-8th) classes.  These replacement classes are provided for students who have demonstrated a consistent need for alternative above-grade-level curriculum with advanced critical thinking and problem-solving opportunities.

How are students identified for advanced math and language arts classes?

The identification process is designed to create a well-rounded understanding of each child as a learner.  A student’s proficiency with math or language arts concepts, reasoning and critical thinking abilities, and classroom performance are considered to determine which courses will best meet a student’s learning needs.

Who may test for the formal advanced math and language arts classes?

All students are considered for placement into advanced math classes in the spring of 3rd and 5th grades (for placement the following year) using district assessments.  Students in 4th grade may be evaluated based on parent or teacher referral.

All students are considered for placement into advanced language arts classes in the spring of 5th grade (for placement the following year).  Students in 6th and 7th grade may be evaluated based on parent or teacher referral. 

When is testing for placement into formal advanced math and language arts classes?

Placement into advanced classes occurs in the winter/spring, with placement changes happening the following school year.  All assessments occur during the regular school day. 

My child works with a G/T Coordinator for math or language arts. Does that mean he or she is or will be in an advanced class?  

Due to the flexible services, many students who work with a G/T Services Coordinator do so without ever being formally identified for advanced classes.

What should I do if I’m unsure if the formal advanced math and/or language arts class is the best fit for my child?

We encourage you to communicate with your child’s teacher(s) or contact your G/T Coordinator for more information.

To whom can I speak to in order to make sure my child is appropriately challenged?

Speaking with your child’s teacher regarding your child’s learning needs ensures that your child is challenged.  You can also follow up with the G/T Services Coordinator.

Where can I find more information about District 28’s Gifted and Talented services?

You can visit the G/T page on the District 28 website or contact your school’s G/T Services Coordinator for more information.