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Fred Out Visits District 28

One meal a day. One pencil for school. No electricity or running water at home. Managing life without parents.

Those are just some of the facts of life in the Kibera slum of Kenya that Fred Outa shared with District 28 students during a recent visit.

A member of the Kenyan parliament, Mr. Outa provides school supplies, food and medicine to more than 500 students of St. Christopher preschool, Spurgeons Academy for grades K-8, and the newly opened St. Esther’s Girls High School through his foundation.

District 28 families have supported the Fred Outa Foundation by contributing to Concert for Africa for the past 10 years. The foundation was created by former Westmoor School administrative assistant Sue Vaickauski, after meeting Mr. Outa during a visit to Africa. The foundation and the Concerts for Africa she helped create at District 28 raised $100,000 that was used to build the new girls’ high school.

When Mrs. Vaickauski stepped down from the position last year, Joli Fridman and husband, Ruben, along with Kim and Jared Svoboda took up the cause. The Svobodas visited Mr. Outa two years ago at Spurgeon’s Academy. Over the last two years $20,000 was raised to dig a well and bring fresh water to the girls’ high school so it could open. The school to officially opened on Jan. 9.

While Mr. Outa was in Northbrook, he made additional community visits to promote his work.

“I want to thank the volunteers and the families and all of the people who have helped us to support so many kids,” he said.

Fund-raising efforts continued Jan. 16 with a Family Fun Day at Athletico, where proceeds were to help fund supplies for the high school.

“Sooner or later, all people will be one,” Mr. Outa said. “That’s why we come here every year to impact the young ones. We tell them what’s happening in the other world.”

Joli Fridman, foundation president, said the cause is close to her heart – and to many others in the district.

“As a parent who values education, it’s just an extension of that in helping other kids,” she said. All proceeds directly benefit the students as the foundation is run entirely by volunteers.

Visit Fredouta.org