Board Adopts Proposed 2018-19 Budget

District Budget Shows Positive Gains
Posted on 07/31/2018

The saying that ‘every little bit helps’ is ringing true for the district’s projected budget for 2018-19. 

Slight increases in the Consumer Price Index, interest income on investments and property development are having a positive impact on the district’s projected budget for 2018-19. The state revenues are also restored to expected levels whereas previous year's funding obligations fell short.

The overall $39 million spending budget is 3.83 percent higher than last year’s actual spending, excluding contingency and capital projects. The operating budget shows revenues $832,000 higher than expenses when contingency allowances are excluded. Overall, local revenues make up 95 percent, state revenues are 3 percent and federal revenues are 2 percent of the budget.

The bulk of expenses in the district’s operating budget are spent on staffing, with 80 percent going to salaries and benefits. New spending includes additional staffing expenses to expand special education services. The increased staff costs are expected to be offset by a reduction in tuition previously paid to an outside agency to provide those services.

The district is also nearly doubling last year’s spending on technology as it launches the Learning First initiative.

Capital projects in the 2018-19 budget total $572,000, which will be funded with district reserves. The final payments for the junior high carpeting replacement project, a new generator at the junior high, and maintenance projects at the three elementary schools are on the list.

The 2018-19 budget is on public display at the District office through Sept. 25 and can be downloaded for review. The board will hold a public hearing and vote on the budget at its regular meeting at 7 p.m. Sept. 25.
Historical averages of expenditures by category

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