5Esssential Survey Results

Survey Shows D28 Schools Organized for Improvement
Posted on 09/26/2019
5Essentials diagramThe 5Essentials Survey is a learning conditions survey developed by the University of Chicago. The state requires all schools to conduct either the 5Essentials Survey or another state-approved climate and culture survey annually.

Results show District 28 schools scored as well-organized or organized, the two highest designations, and each building scored at or above the benchmark score in all five Essentials. According to the research, schools that are at or above the benchmark on three or more of the five Essentials are ten times more likely to show substantial gains in student learning over time than schools that are below the benchmark.

The survey was taken between November 2018 and January 2019 by students in grades four through eight, teachers and staff and parents. The 5Essentials Survey identifies five components, or Essentials, found to be critical for school and student success: Effective Leaders, Collaborative Teachers, Involved Families, Supportive Environment and Ambitious Instruction.

Each school principal provided an overview of celebrations and areas for improvement for the Board of Education.

Dr. Ginny Hiltz, Greenbriar principal, highlighted that 98 percent of teachers and parents agree or strongly agree that they think of each other as partners in educating children. And 97 percent of students responded that they feel safe and comfortable at school. “We have been working very hard to establish trust and community. This response shows we have been successful.”

Pat Thome, Meadowbrook principal, highlighted that 95 percent of students responded that they feel teachers always listen to students’ ideas and 98 percent responded they are treated with respect. “One thing we have really put an emphasis on is trying to make sure every child has a trusting relationship with at least three adults,” he said.

Mary Sturgill, Westmoor principal, highlighted that 98 percent of teachers think of parents as partners and 99 percent of students responded that they are treated with respect. She said the school has been working on cultivating a healthy environment that has trust at the center of that.

All three elementary principals identified the need to increase the frequency with which instructional teams reflect on student assessment data to guide instruction.

Scott Meek, Northbrook Junior High principal, also highlighted that 94 percent of teachers think of parents as partners in education and 90 percent of parents responded they believe teachers do their best to help their children. Additionally, in the area of quality student discussion, teachers report that students build on each others’ ideas during classroom discussions at the two highest levels 98 percent of the time. The areas of focus selected to have the highest impact for 2019-20 will be to provide students with greater course clarity related to understanding what’s expected of them and to use feedback to promote more in-depth learning.

Director of Learning, Michelle Jackson, provided an overview of the survey and how it is scored. View the FAQ for more details.

The results are available by school on the Illinois 5Essentials website. Results will also be reported in the annual Illinois School Report Card, which will be released on October 30.