Students Add Voice & Choice to Book Collection

Students Add Voice to Book Collection
Posted on 05/14/2019
Westmoor Library Committee at Book Bin

School libraries get new books every year. It is usually the task of the librarian to determine areas of need and make the selections. This year, Westmoor School Librarian Tara LaCerra decided it was time to mix things up a bit.

 “We decided to launch this committee so that we could give students a voice in the library program, better understand the needs of our students and create stronger relationships with students,” Mrs. LaCerra said.

Students who wanted to serve on the committee were required to submit either a voice or video recording stating why they wanted to serve on the committee. Twelve students from third, fourth and fifth grade were selected.

Meeting weekly during their lunch period, the students got to work creating a staff survey and a student survey. The students worked with Mrs. LaCerra to compile feedback on genres, favorite titles, subjects and authors to determine the areas most in demand and most in need.

Then the committee arrived The Book Bin with a budget of $1,200. More than two hours later, they had hand-selected 110 new books.

 “Now it’s not just librarian’s decision on what to get for the library,” said Sylvia Ugarcovici. “We know what kids want.”

 “I like that we know what our friends want and we actually add that to the library. We could never do that before. It was a really fun and cool experience,” said Hunter Coult.

While library assistant Mrs. Kim Burnson works on getting all the titles ready for checkout, the students are making videos and voice-overs about some of their favorite books, which will be shared with teachers and broadcast for students in the classroom.

“It’s really cool that we get to improve the library because its an important part of the school,” said Kristen Cho. “It’s cool to pick out books and see them getting checked out.”

The committee also helped decide how to display books and chose new flexible seating for the library. They brainstormed ideas to celebrate Children’s Book Week and provided input on the school’s readers choice program.

“Mrs. Burnson and I are beyond proud of them,” Mrs. LaCerra said.

Students looked up book reviews online before making final selections.
 Students carefully selected books for the Westmoor library collection by compiling data from student and staff surveys. They also looked up reviews online while shopping at the Book Bin to make sure they were confident in their choices.

The Library Advisory Committee spent more than two hours picking out books at the Book Bin.

The Library Advisory Committee spent more than two hours picking out books at the Book Bin. Now they are making short videos for students and staff to highlight new books in the library collection.