NBJh Brings Home State Science Fair Honors

NBJH Brings Home State Science Fair Honors
Posted on 05/08/2019
Four students who won top honors in their categories display the school trophy

When it comes to science fairs, Northbrook Junior High School students have the right stuff to win. Four NBJH students’ projects presented at the 2019 Illinois Junior Academy of Science State Exposition captured top honors in their category, and a majority of the 25 NBJH students who participated received gold medals, according to Mark Frye, one of the sponsoring teachers of the event.

The school received a first-place trophy for having the most gold awards among schools of similar size at the competition, which was held at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale April 27.

One reason NBJH students are successful is that the project is a culmination of a semester long independent study project that the students take as a science elective. They learn scientific method, how to research and find appropriate sources, conduct and control their experiments and how to present their findings in an APA style paper complemented with graphs, statistics and visuals.

Eighth-grader Paul Bae won a special award, Outstanding Project in Applied Psychology, for his project, “The Effect of Stress on Academic Performance.”

Three other eighth-grade students received Best In Category awards:

Colin Rowan, in chemistry for “The Effect of Acid on Metals.” He tested iron, brass and copper and found copper was most resistant to sulfuric acid. “I like science a lot more than I did before,” he said.

Shon Ginzburg, received top honors in astronomy for “Heat from the Void” where he determined whether the spin of black holes affects its Hawking radiation. “After doing all the research, I realized the wide range of astronomy, and I want to do more,” he said.

Natalie Hong, received top honors in Botany for “Buzz Kill,” which tested the effect of electromagnetic radiation on germination and plant growth. “I found radiation to have a small effect on germination and bigger effect on plant growth,” she said.

 “All of the students, regardless of their score, work really hard,” said Mrs. Pam Mendelson, who teaches the class along with Mark Frye and Amber Paull. Every student who participates in the class walks away with lifelong skills in researching, writing and presenting information,” she said.

Students  who participated in the state competition were:

Paul Bae, Gabriella D’Agaro, Timmy Feng, Maddy Gallinson, David Gichner, Shon Ginzburg, Zoey Godnik, Natalie Hong, Zoey Kenny, Daniel Kramer, Sarah Kramer, Bella Larsen, Emma Larsen, Jessy Luna, Nate Muhl, Luke Nelson, Felicia Pace, Colin Rowan, Alice Smagorinsky, William Soh, Jon Stephenson, Ben Vishnevskiy, Leah Goldberg, Olivia Zhao, and Taeho Yu.


 Four students who received top honors in their category at the state science fair display the school trophy

Students who received top honors at the 2019 Illinois Junior Academy of Science State Exposition were, from left, Natalie Hong, Colin Rowan, Paul Bae and Shon Ginzburg. Northbrook Junior High received the Best in Show trophy for the most students who received gold medals for a school of its size.


Students who traveled to SIU for the state science fair pose for a photo on campus.

NBJH students traveled to Carbondale, Il for the Illinois Junior Academy of Science state exposition, and came home with Best in Show trophy for the school with the most medals for its size. Student are: Gabriella D’Agaro, Nate Muhl, Olivia Zhao, Alice Smagorinsky, Timmy Feng, Leah Goldberg, Shon Ginzburg, Paul Bae, Luke Nelson, William Soh, Colin Rowan, Taeho Yu, Ben Vishnevskiy, Zoey Kenny, Jon Stephenson, Zoey Godnik, Emma Larsen, Bella Larsen, Jessy Luna, Felicia Pace, Natalie Hong. Students not shown who participated were: Maddy Gallinson, David Gichner, Daniel Kramer, and Sarah Kramer.