Students Create Personal Ukuleles

Students Create Personal Ukuleles
Posted on 03/22/2019
Greenbriari Ukulele Makers

Greenbriar 4th-grade students proudly displayed the result of eight weeks of lunchtime and early morning work: their own personalized ukuleles.

Forty-four students participated in project. Each student had to assemble and glue the pre-cut pieces, drill in the tuning pegs, then decorate with wood-burning designs, paint and/or stain.

The workshop was offered by p.e. teachers Bill Norris, Tm Zinanni, music teacher Jeremy Bartunek and art teacher Jeremy Blair.

All the students proudly displayed their finished instruments on Thursday, March 21 during lunch.

“Wood burning was the most fun part,” said one boy with several designs on his four-stringed instrument.

“It inspires me to join more school clubs,” said another student.

In music class, the fourth grade is just finishing up a unit on learning to play ukuleles. Perhaps the personal instruments will inspire a lifetime of music making in many of the students.

Mr. Norris and Mr. Zinanni also offered a snow-shoe making class this year, reviving a tradition they had put on hold for a few years. This is the first ever ukulele workshop they have sponsored, and perhaps it is the start of another Greenbriar tradition!

fourth-grade students show off their hand-made ukuleles.