'State of 28' Monitors on Trends, Projects

'State of 28' Monitors Trends, Projects
Posted on 03/22/2019
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The district is in solid financial health, enrollment is creeping up just slightly and the student population is growing more diverse. Meanwhile, the strategic plan is guiding implementation of educational programs to empower our learners. Those are some of topics highlighted by Superintendent Larry Hewitt in an annual review of the district called ‘The State of 28.”

2018-19 Projects
Following the implementation of the renewed strategic plan in April 2018, the mission of the district is reflected in several new educational projects and programs, including:

The “Learning First” technology initiative, Standards-Based Learning, as well as curriculum updates in social studies, music and literacy studio. The district also implemented the Foundational Program to serve our special needs students in their home schools, held parent workshops on social/emotional health of students, and implemented options-based emergency training for staff.

Enrollment, Student Demographics
Demographically, enrollment trends overall are steady, with Meadowbrook enrollment creeping back up to 413 students after a low of 374 in 2016. In the ten-year trend, Meadowbrook experienced an all-time high of 526 students in 2005 and operated for three years after that with over 450 students.

The number of households where the home language is non-English has increased 80 percent since 2014, with 140 to 142 households the last three years. A total of 27 different languages were reported, with the dominant languages spoken being Korean, Russian, Polish and Spanish. Correspondingly, the number of English Learners among our students has also more than doubled since 2014, with 168 in 2018.

Financial Picture
In finances, the district tax base increased more in 2017 than in any of the past ten years. More than $24 million in new construction projects were completed, which expands the tax base from which the district receives its primary revenue source, property taxes. State and federal funding make up just 5 percent of the district’s total revenue.

Property growth will continue next year as several projects are completed, including Anets Woods single family homes, luxury apartments along Skokie Boulevard, and townhomes along Shermer Road near downtown.

Review the full “State of 28” report here.