23 Students Advance to State Science Fair

23 Students Advance to State Science Fair
Posted on 03/13/2019
2019 State Science Fair Qualifiers and Alternates

Northbrook Junior High students came home for the eighth year in a row with Best in Class for middle schools at the Illinois Junior Academy of Science Regional Competition March 9 at Niles North High School.

To receive this honor, 40 NBJH students participated after having received gold medals at the school science fair in January. Twenty-three of those students will advance to state competition at Southern Illinois University May 3 and 4. Two students received Best in Category honors, Shon Ginzburg in astronomy and Zoey Kenny in engineering.

The science fair projects are the culmination of a semester-long independent science research project. Each student is guided through the comprehensive, project-based class by one of three science teachers.

They learn the scientific method, how to research and find appropriate sources, conduct and control their experiments and how to present their findings in an APA style paper complemented with graphs, statistics and visuals.

“All of the students, regardless of their score, work really hard,” said Mrs. Pam Mendelson, who teaches the class along with Mark Frye and Amber Paull. Every student who participates in the class walks away with lifelong skills in researching, writing and presenting information, she said.

Eighth-grader Zoey Kenny, who received Best in Category for her engineering project, said the project also increased her interest in pursuing engineering. She measured the efficiency of a geothermal home energy system in cold and hot weather.

“I realized there are a lot of options out there in engineering. It was inspiring,” she said. “It's really a great opportunity to go to state. I’m really excited to go.”

Shon Ginzburg, seventh grade, won Best in Category for his astronomy project on black holes and space hawking radiation.

“I’m looking forward to presenting my topic because I like talking about it. It’s nice telling someone about all the hard work you did and what it means to you,” Ginzburg said.

2019 state science fair qualifiers

Students qualifying for state, including two alternates, gathered for a group shot sporting their regional t-shirts. They are, front row, from left: Jessy Luna, Nate Muhl, Colin Rowan, Ben Vishnevskiy, Shon Ginzburg, Taeho Yu, Luke Nelson, Olivia Zhao, and Sarah Kramer. Middle row, from left: Daniel Kramer, Nate Phadnis, Gabriella D’Agaro, Zoey Kenny, Maddy Gallinson, Natalie Hong, Felicia Pace, Emma Larsen, and Bella Larsen. Back row, from left: William Soh, David Gichner, Alice Smagorinsky, Leah Goldberg, Zoey Godnik, Timmy Feng, and Paul Bae.