2nd-Grade Book Reviewers Publish Blog

Student Book Reviews Offer Opinions to the World
Posted on 02/20/2019
Room 122 Book Reviewers

What makes a good children’s book? The second-grade students in Room 122 at Westmoor School want to tell you.

As part of their literacy work in reading and writing, the students have tuned up their writing skills and proofreading skills in order to publish book reviews in their new blog, “Room122bookreviews.”

Led by teacher Michele Anderson, the students will steer young readers to their favorites, and tell them why they should read them:

“I like the part where it looks like the bunny is walking backward because he was getting in trouble,” writes Justin about “If You Plant a Seed.”

 “Have you ever tried and tried and tried and gotten frustrated but didn’t give up? Don’t give up on this book. I am sure you’ll love it,” writes Elliott about “What Floats In A Moat.”

The class has been working hard learning about what makes interesting writing and the best ways to proofread and edit. Having an authentic audience – instead of only the teacher or classmates – has really engaged the students, Mrs. Anderson said.

“One of the benefits of having our book reviews on a blog is that suddenly students are into proofreading and editing. In the past we have not been too excited about that part of the writing process,” she said.

The first installment of book reviews are now posted on the classroom blog: Room122bookreviews.weebly.com

“We want people from around the world to be able to Google us and be excited to read the books that we are excited to read,” Mrs. Anderson said.

Students will be thrilled to hear from their readers.
Room 122 students and their books