Westmoor Teachers Share Roots in Northbrook

Experiences in D28 Drew Them to Teach Here
Posted on 01/03/2019
Ms. Baque, Ms. Nordland, Ms. Adkisson, Ms. Russell and Ms. Sullivan all attended District 28 schools.

Every school district usually has a few teachers and other staff members who grew up in the community in which they teach. In Northbrook District 28 there seems to be more than just a few. Fifteen, in fact, sat in the classrooms as students in which they now teach or support students.

It’s a testament to the Northbrook community and its values. Our Hometown Teachers and Staff also offer a perspective for today’s parents on how education has changed, and what makes District 28 special.

At Westmoor School, Ms. Adkisson, Ms. Baque, Ms. Nordland, Ms. Russell and Ms. Sullivan all attended District 28 schools.

Ms. Nordland, a 4th grade teacher, said her parents moved to Northbrook because of the schools’ reputation. “Education has always been important to the residents of Northbrook and families still move here for the many opportunities given their children,” she said.

Ms. Adkisson, a 4th grade teacher at Westmoor, attended Meadowbrook School as a child. Family ties run deep in Northbrook. Her husband’s grandfather was Ed Rudolph, who helped build the Velodrome and Meadowhill Park, she said. “It’s a special place to both sides of our family!”

Ms. Russell is a 3rd grade teacher at Westmoor and remembers learning to play flute in 4th grade and continuing through 8th grade in band. “It was a valued program then and remains so today.”

Teaching in the same district you grew up in also provided perspective on changes in education. “One of the biggest differences I see in education today is that our teaching style changes according to each child we work with, taking into consideration every child’s learning style. Each child’s goals are personalized and considered, instead of only looking at the whole class,” Ms. Russell said.

Alissa Baque, a 1st grade and kindergarten teacher, has held a place in her heart for Westmoor since she walked through the doors as a kindergartener.

“I knew Westmoor was really special when I was a kid. I always felt like I was part of a giant family that worked together to achieve. As a staff member, I get to instill that same feeling in my students and that is even more special,” she said.
Westmoor School teachers who also attended District 28 schools as students.