Foundational Students Fulfill Gift Wishes

Snack Cart and Gift Drive Lead to Healthy Lessons
Posted on 12/17/2018
Foundational students and teachers pose with gifts

Who expected a snack cart to have such a healthy outcome? The Foundational intermediate team and students at Westmoor School rolled learning and caring into one when they operated a ‘snack cart’ for teachers during the month on November.

Students carefully stocked a variety of items and rolled the cart around the school to serve teachers in their classroom, collecting donations for a Northfield Township gift drive. “Students engaged in math practice, communication initiation and response, and gross/fine motor skills practice,” said Teacher Katherine Comer.  

The group also shopped for the presents at local stores. “We bought warm clothes, jackets, games, toys, gift cards, books, backpacks, boots, gym shoes enough to fulfill the wish lists from nine children!”

Gifts were delivered last week to the local Harley Davidson dealer, which was organizing the gift drive.

“This has been an incredible learning experience for our students!” Ms. Comer said.
students and teachers pose with gifts purchase with proceeds from the snack cart.