Bus Rider App for Parents

Fist view bus app
Our transportation provider, First Student, offers a bus tracking and transportation communications app for your smartphone.  

FirstView provides several features designed to help parents and students monitor their bus route, including:

 *   Live Tracking

 *   Predictive Stop Arrival Times

 *   Custom Alerts and Messages

 *   Multi-Stop View

 *   Dedicated Customer Support

Get Started!

To get started with the FirstView App, see a video demo by visiting FirstViewapp.com

Download the App through Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Custom Alerts and Messages When setting up the App, you will be prompted to:

 *   Select your state (Illinois)

 *   Select your district (Glenbrook—we are paired with the high school).

 *   Your student’s ID number. (if you don't know your student's ID number, please contact your school administrative assistant)
If you have a question regarding the route or stop assignment, please contact Dan Fritsche (847) 724-7200 or via email.

For questions about the App, contact FirstView Monday-Friday by:

    *   Calling (888) 889-8920 from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.;

    *   Emailing Customer Support at support@firstviewapp.com or

    *   Using the in-app “!” button to provide feedback.

 We hope all of our students and parents will find this tool to be a great resource!