Second Grade Hunger Project

E-Book Shares Students' Research on Hunger
Posted on 04/18/2018
Mrs. Anderson's second grade class

Mrs. Anderson’s second-grade class at Westmoor School is ready to change the world, or at least make it a little better.

The class has been researching childhood hunger -- hunger next door as well as hunger around the globe. The class also took a trip to Feed My Starving Children and made 17,928 “manna pack” meals of protein, vitamins and rice that were shipped to Nicaragua.

They wrote about what they learned, added photos and drawings, then added voice recordings. “The Hunger Project” is now published for the world to view.

“It’s really important that we stop childhood hunger,” said Maria, “If we don't stop hunger, that can create a bad domino effect – if a hungry child grows up and has a kid, they’ll be hungry too.”

“We want everyone to help us stop hunger and it’s fun and easy to help,” Maggie added.

“I learned that it’s really good to help. You make the children happy and make yourself happy,” Adam said.

“We are passionate and committed to making a difference in the world,” Mrs. Anderson said. “We truly believe that, and we just need to get the word out. It takes just a little bit of somebody caring.”

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