Augmented Reality Brings Subjects to Life

'Pioneers' Test Google's Latest Learning Tool
Posted on 03/20/2018
Student using Googlel ARNorthbrook Junior High students and teachers were pioneers on Monday, March 19, testing Google Expeditions latest learning tool, called Augmented Reality. Students in every grade had the chance to experience the new technology, part of Google’s Pioneer Program. Using a mobile device in a “selfie-stick,” students scanned QR codes and were able to view 3-D moving images controlled by the teacher. They could move around the image to view the top and bottom, and even reach inside. Eighth grade explored forms of energy in nature, including tornadoes, hurricanes and volcanoes. Seventh grade viewed the reproductive system as part of health class, and sixth grade explored the ocean floor, the sun, moon and planets and the shifting tectonic plates.

A Google representative provided the devices and software and trained the teachers on how to use it. “The tornado was pretty cool because you could see the inside and how it flew,” said one sixth-grade girl after the experience. “I think it’s really cool because we were one of the first ones to do it,” said an eighth-grade boy. “(AR) is really cool because you have more ability to control it.”

Kyle Pucciarello, library media specialist, was part of the team that oversaw the day. He learned a few things as well. “I saw kids getting excited about things otherwise maybe they wouldn’t; things that pop a little more than if they would see a photograph in a textbook,” he said. “The excitement level I saw was inspiring and interesting. The next step is how to integrate this into the curriculum. How can we use this to extend what we’re doing into the classroom.” This is Google’s second visit to the junior high. Two years ago, a representative shared the Virtual Reality viewers and images, which are now used as part of social studies curriculum.