School Store Profits Will Stock Food Pantry

Hands-on Lesson on Economics Also Serves Needy
Posted on 03/13/2018
Township Supervisor Jill Brickman and Westmoor 4th gradeA fourth-grade lesson in economics also proved to be a lesson in community service at Westmoor School.

As part of the economics unit, the students operate a school store in which they learn about supply and demand, start-up costs and profits. Students in other grades visit during lunch to purchase inexpensive, fun accessories and school supplies.

“It is a hands-on learning experience that makes our economic unit come alive in a practical setting,” said fourth-grade teacher Janet Adkisson. “We also talk about wants and needs and how all of the money raised will be donated to those in need in our community who can’t afford the basic need of food.”

In just six days, the school store turned a profit that might be the envy of some small businesses: $2,163. Northfield Township Supervisor Jill Brickman came to Westmoor Monday, March 12, to receive the donation for the Township Food Pantry.

“There is a motto that the Northfield Food Pantry goes by, ‘Hunger is unacceptable in our community,’” Brickman told the students during a brief presentation in the library.

While students first suggested places like Kenya or downtown Chicago as places where there are hungry people, Brickman shared that the local food pantry serves about 650 people per year who live in the township.

The pantry is sustained solely by food donations and cash donations. Brickman said the school donation will buy a whole truckload of food from the Greater Chicago Food Depository that will stock the pantry with non-perishable products for a month.

“This is a tremendous difference you are making,” Brickman said.