2018-19 Initiatives and Projects

Long-Term Goals Set Direction for 2018-19 Projects

The Navigate 28 Strategic Plan adopted by the Board of Education in April 2018 outlines a refreshed Mission, Vision and five Goals to lead the district for the next three to five years. Below are the five goal areas, an example of projects and initiatives and a link to the plan of work for the year.

Goal One logo  

GOAL #1 Student Growth & Achievement

This is our #1 goal for a reason. Most of our work every year is dedicated to the continuous improvement of our educational program. This year’s projects incorporate our renewed vision and mission as we implement the Learning First instructional technology initiative and standards-based learning at the junior high. “We truly want to focus on learning -- it’s more than a letter grade at the top of the paper,” said Dr. Scott Meek, NBJH Principal.  Other projects this year include revamping and updating curriculum in social studies and music. 
2018-19 Goal 1 Objectives and Projects

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Goal #2 Learning Environment

Today’s classroom requires small group learning, collaboration and creativity. A traditional classroom with desks lined up in rows doesn’t work anymore. And, research shows students who are offered a variety of seating options can concentrate better. Several classrooms are piloting flexible furnishings this year that promote innovative teaching practices and learning experiences.
2018-19 Goal 2 Objectives and Projects

 Goal 3  

GOAL #3 Work Environment

Professional development on literacy training is helping teachers implement elementary literacy and putting standards-based learning into practice at the junior high. They are also training to be Apple Certified Teachers to maximize use of iPads in the classroom.
2018-19 Goal 3 Objectives and Projects

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Goal #4 Family & Community Connections

The question, “When should I buy my child a phone?” was the first one raised after showing the documentary, “ScreenAgers: Raising Children in a Digital World” on the evening of Oct. 11 to a crowd of 80 parents and students at Northbrook Junior High. The focus of this goal is to provide ongoing support for parents with resources and workshops.
2018-19 Goal 4 Objectives and Projects

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Goal #5 Resources

Part of the resources goal includes safety procedures. Northbrook District 28 is updating its safety protocol in partnership with other Northfield Township schools and first responders. This includes changing procedures for ‘lock-down’ drills and training staff on an options-based approach to crisis situations. In addition, the district is updating its crisis response and procedures.
2018-19 Goal 5 Objectives and Projects