Summer School

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Summer School Program – 2018

The 2018 program is tentatively scheduled to begin on Thursday, June 7, 2018 and end July 3. 

Due to carpet replacement project at Northbrook Junior High scheduled for the summer of 2018, summer school will be held at Westmoor School. This will limit offerings and impact classes offered and capacity for all students, especially to junior-high-age students (Grades 7-8)

. The class offerings will be posted on February 12 on this page and registration will open at 7 a.m. March 5, 2018 and close at noon on April 20.

Due to the construction project at NBJH and our limited offerings, we will not be able to accept registrations from District 27 & 31 this summer. 

Download a Summer School informational letter from our Director of Summer School:  2018 SS Parent letter from Director.pdf


2018 Summer School Registration for District 28 residents opens on 7:00 a.m. March 5, 2018.  (please note time change for registration) Registration is closing at noon on April 20.  

Registration link button will be posted here prior to summer school registration. 


There are four 55-minute periods of classes each day, Monday through Friday.    Period 1 starts at 9 a.m. There is a five-minute passing period between each class period.  Period 4 ends at 12:55 p.m.  Cost for the program is $105.00 per class plus any lab fees.

Please register your student in classes for the grade level they will be entering in the 2018-2019 school year. 

Course Descriptions & Grade Level Schedules:

Grades 1-2: 
Class Descriptions: Summer School Grade 1-2 2018 Course Descriptions.pdf
Grade Level Grid By Period: SS 2018 Class Grid Grades 1-2.pdf
Grades 3-4:
Class Descriptions: Summer School Grade 3-4 2018 Course Description .pdf
Grade Level Grid By Period: SS 2018 Class Grid Grades 3-4.pdf
Grades 5-6:
Class Descriptions: Summer School Grade 5-6 2018 Course Descriptions.pdf
Grade Level Grid By Period:SS 2018 Class Grid Grades 5-6.pdf
Grades 7-8:
Class Descriptions: Summer School Grade 7-8 2018 Course Descriptions.pdf
Grade Level Grid By Period: SS 2018 Class Grid Grades 7-8.pdf

Food guidelines and period 4 snack class list information: 
SS 2018 Food & Snack Class info.pdf

For additional questions, email or call Lisa Tenuta at 847-504-3424.