Emergency Notifications

Register for emergency text messages
Posted on 11/07/2017
Phone, text and email

District 28 uses a rapid notification system to reach parents and staff via phone, email and text messages. Emergency messages, such as a school closing for inclement weather, will be sent on all three channels.

Email and text is also used for general announcements and information. Messages are delivered to families and staff based on contact information within the District's database. 

Any corrections to contact information should be handled through the school office. 

opt in illustration
Opt in for text messages

Parents and staff can opt to receive text messages on mobile phones that are registered in the school contact information database. Individuals must use the text messaging app on the phone to opt-in to receive texts. You can also opt-out following the same instructions. 

Once a phone is opted in to receiving text messages, you will continue to receive them until you opt out or the number is no longer in our system.

Download detailed instructions on how to opt in.