Teacher Spreads Message With Pink

Teacher Spreads Message With Pink
Posted on 10/07/2016
Miss Hicks and her X-Block Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Teacher Makes Breast Cancer Awareness a Personal Mission

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but for Northbrook Junior High teacher Wendy Hicks, it’s a yearlong mission.

Miss Hicks and her sisters have walked over 10,000 miles and raised over $100,000 for breast cancer research in the last 16 years.

Miss Hicks wears pink every day and has a classroom adorned with pink décor. In October, she participates in an American Cancer Society fund-raising walk every weekend and asks her students to wear pink on Fridays to raise awareness. Under the moniker Sisters With Blisters, she and her sisters have taken up the cause after the disease hit four cousins and an aunt.

“Blisters are a lot less painful than chemo,” she said. “When I ask my students if they have a loved one or know someone who has had breast cancer, nearly half the class raises their hands.”

The Language Arts teacher hopes her fund-raising and awareness efforts help find a cure in her lifetime. “I don’t want any of my students to get it. That’s why I keep walking.”


Northbrook Junior High School Language Arts teacher Wendy Hicks encourages her students to wear pink on Fridays through October to raise awareness on the figh against breast cancer.