FDK Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will all children have access to full-day kindergarten?
Yes, all children eligible for kindergarten will have the option to enroll in either the full-day or the half-day program.

How much does it cost? What if I can’t afford it?
The total cost for the full-day program in 2017-18 is $420 plus a $120 curricular material fee. The half-day program only has the $120 curricular material fee. Parents may apply for a fee waiver, which is based on income level, or may set up a payment plan by contacting Jessica Donato, Chief School Business Official, at 847-498-7900.

What is the advantage of a full-day program over a half-day program?
The full-day program allows teachers the time to encompass the whole child in exploration and discovery learning, as well as social-emotional development. This is accomplished by offering students choice time to explore topics that interest them through books, projects, and play-based learning. It allows the teacher time to extend learning, from concepts introduced as part of the core academics in the morning, into the afternoon. 

Will students who are enrolled in half-day kindergarten be at a disadvantage when entering first grade?
The core curriculum of the half-day program will not change. We have built a great program, providing the necessary foundational skills in math, reading, and writing for students to be successful in first grade. New concepts for the day will be introduced in the morning when all students are present. The half-day program meets from 8:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. The afternoon will be used to reinforce and expand upon those concepts.

What is purposeful play?

Purposeful play provides opportunities for students to enrich their understanding of the world. We worked with nationally recognized consultant Sue Kempton to develop a classroom environment where children experience opportunities that evoke thinking (wondering), discovering (new learning), and feeling. This environment includes different areas where children explore with blocks, a science table, a water table, painting easels, and computers, to name a few.

Will full-day students get more art, music and physical education?
All kindergarten students receive 30 minutes per week of music instruction and art instruction. Additional activities in the afternoon include physical education for 30 minutes every day, plus library time and computer time. 

Can I opt for some days of the week as full-day and some as half-day?
Enrollment in the full-day program will be handled the same as a first-grader or any other grade in the school. Students can be excused due to illness, for appointments that can’t be made outside the school day, etc. but should be in attendance for the full day throughout the week.

What will the class size be?
Class sizes are evaluated each year. The District goes to great lengths to create small class sizes at the elementary level. While there is no hard-and-fast rule on class size, once a class reaches 20, strong consideration is given to adding another section. Each kindergarten classroom has a teacher and a full-time aide, while classrooms in first through fifth grades have aides four hours a day.

Is there an option for before- or after-school care?
Yes! KidCare is a District 28 program to provides students in their home school with additional care either before or after school. Parents can sign up for one or both times. Days of the week is flexible as well. Registration is in advance. Pricing is dependent on the schedule you choose. See additional details